Last Quarter P2PFA Data:
Q2 aggregate data
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2nd Quarter 2016

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Q2 2016

P2P Industry Data;

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Data from Pushing Boundaries 2015 Benchmarking report Nesta/University Cambridge see:

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Data from Understanding Alternate Finance 2014 Benchmarking report Nesta/University Cambridge see:

P2PFA member loanbook data

P2PFA members are moving toward an unparalleled level of data transparency by making their loan books publicly available.  Please see below to links to where you can find this data:

P2PFA member default information:

All P2PFA members use the P2PFA default standard to provide comparable statistics for their default rate.  The definition was established 18th June 2013 and is provided below along with links to Member specific default information:

Definition of Non-Performing Loan:

A loan should be considered to be a ’Non-Performing Loan’, ‘Impaired’ or in ‘Arrears’, where the relevant borrower of the loan is:
– > (a) more than 45 days overdue in an interest payment; or
– > (b) more than 45 days overdue with a principal repayment; or
– > (c) legal action for enforcement of the loan has commenced; or
– > (d) the loan is being or has been renegotiated with a borrower, or
– > (e) the loan has not otherwise been in full compliance. The amount of arrears is the amount overdue for payment in a) and b) above.

Definition of Capital Losses (Default):

A capital loss should include:
– > (a) any portion of a loan that has not been repaid, 120 days following the original loan repayment date;
– > (b) all costs incurred by the lender in relation to the enforcement of a Non-Performing Loan, where such costs are not recovered in full from the relevant borrower;
– > (c) any loan amount where there is a reasonable expectation that the borrower is not going to repay the loan on the original loan repayment date (ie the borrower has gone bankrupt etc).

To be reported on a 12 monthly calendar basis (Jan to Dec);

1)Actual arrears (as a percentage of all outstanding balances from loans made in the calendar year of the loan)
2)Expected defaults (as a percentage of lifetime default rates of amount lent in the calendar year of the loan)

3)Actual defaults (a percentage of the total lent by the platform in the calendar year of the loan)

See below weblinks to each P2PFA member default info:

FundingCircle =
Landbay =
Lendingworks =
LendInvest =
MarketInvoice =
RateSetter =
ThinCats =
Zopa =

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