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P2PFA is your or should be your number 1 online destination if you want to learn everything about the casino business and operation. And we mean everything from the casino games, to the law surrounding these operators and to the most technical side of the industry from innovation to evolution.

Day 1

The mind behind P2PFA is Omari Berg, a local from New York – Big Apple represents. Omari is a graduate of marketing and quickly dived into office work after graduation. Omari’s main niche for his marketing and advertising campaigns were for a local casino company in the state.

From there on, Omari developed this weird yet strong interest in the casino business. We’re not saying he’s knee-deep in gambling, no. Omari fell in love with the casino business, not the operation.

He knew how the business made money and big money for that. So, he ditched his above minimum wage job and funded his first-ever online blog.

Did you know the initial name of P2PFA? It’s Casino Roll. Not that interesting right? But with his first couple of blog posts, people engaged in the casino business loved what he had to say and write.

He got great traction for his blog from hundreds of users. Then, a particular casino, a big casino based in New Jersey wanted to use Casino Roll as a marketing platform. Omari made big bucks.

When the payment for that project was paid, day 1 of P2PFA ended.


P2PFA’s main office is located at 9604 69th Ave, Flushing, NY 11375-5139. Just a couple of minutes from Omari’s home. The location of the office was strategic and gave the blog the boost and resources it needed.

Omari with his team of writers and researchers roamed around New York and New Jersey gaining the first-hand information they needed to not only write about but to inform and educate people about the casino business.

Now, P2PFA has more than 10,000 online community members consuming daily content.

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