Lending Money for Gambling: People Beware

In New Jersey, a known issue in the casino industry is gamblers borrowing money from loan sharks posting as lending firms or markets. There have been several reports of these loan sharks staying 24/7 at casinos to lend money to those in need.

Not only is this illegal but it is also fueling gambling addiction or problem gambling. That is why we are here. Here are some tips if you are thinking of asking for money from lending markets.

New Jersey’s casino industry is on the rise, unfortunately, as well as the issues related to the industry.

Opt for Casino Credit


If you’re short, most casinos in New Jersey offer casino credits wherein people can ask for a certain amount of money to gamble. They can then pay the amount on a later date or use their winnings to do so.

This is a much safer and convenient way of asking for money for gambling. Some laws will protect you if there are any forms of harassment or coercion that took place before during, and after the credit transaction with casinos.

Budget your money

The biggest tip we can give you is to not ask for money at all. Most people knee-deep in gambling addiction are also knee-deep in debts. They cannot stop gambling despite not having the means and money to do so.

If you want to gamble, why not budget some money for this activity and spend it properly. Know when to stop. If you’re winning big, go home and use that money for better use. In the casino, you either lose or you lose big if you don’t know when to call it quits.

Responsible gambling is always the way to go.