Ways to Make Money With Online Casinos

Old man showing his winnings from online casino


Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. And in addition to the fun, the payouts are of course motivating. In fact, there are a few different ways to make money with online casinos or slot gambling sites.

How can I make money with online casinos?

Of course, you can also win real money when playing at an online casino. For example, it is important to always consider the RTP, i.e. the payout percentages, for the various providers. This says how high the house edge of the casino is. According to Casinospielen.de, the focus here is also on the security and trustworthiness of the online casino. Safe online casinos also offer real money as a payout option.

Affiliate systems as earning opportunities

Most online casinos have so-called referral systems, also called affiliate systems. These programs reward you when you bring new players to the site and they become active users. The more players you can get to play at an online casino, the more money you make. Also, players who play a lot drive up your revenue, as most casinos give you a certain percentage of their revenue coming in through the players. All this works with the help of an affiliate link or an affiliate code that players use before or when signing up.

You can promote your link or bonus code via social media, e.g. via your YouTube channel, and collect invitations. In principle, there are numerous possibilities here. Many users also create an affiliate website where they then introduce different casinos or slots and then attract users via Google. This niche is so successful that there are large companies that specialize in such casino affiliate websites.


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Sell backlinks and banners

Many small websites use this option to earn some extra money. Large online casinos pay good sums for banner ads and backlinks, depending on how many new players can be generated. The prerequisite for this, however, is that you already have a website or blog.

The purpose of banner ads is relatively obvious: bonuses or other promotions are advertised in image form, and users of your website then see the banner, click on it and log in to the casino. With backlinks, the idea is a bit more complicated. Backlinks are links hidden in the text that lead to a certain website, in our example to an online casino. Google ranks pages with many backlinks from other pages higher in Google Search than comparable pages with fewer backlinks.

Therefore, online casinos want to collect as many backlinks as possible in order to be displayed at the top of Google searches and thus get more users. Depending on how much traffic and domain rating your website has, a backlink to an online casino can earn you several hundred euros, and for very large sites even a few thousand euros.

Owning an online casino

The last option is probably the most difficult, so we’ll only touch on it briefly: In principle, anyone who has enough money and knowledge can now open an online casino. A good roulette website with cryptocurrencies and some other payment options can be bought online or programmed. Then you need a gambling license. These can be obtained, for example, from island states such as Curacao and you can legally offer your own online casino in some countries.