P2pfa Members

Gambling is a popular hobby and pastime for people all over the world. From casinos to horse racing tracks, people enjoy gambling at different establishments. However, the economy of most states has been suffering from a serious blow and this has led to many people turning to the pastime as a source of income. 

A Way of Financing Business

Peer-to-Peer lending has become a popular way of financing businesses and projects and members of the P2P lending industry are no exception.

P2P lending is a form of lending that is provided by individuals, who are not banks or financial institutions. 

This article will highlight how P2PFA members are using it to finance their business and gambling.

How P2P Lending is used in Business and Gambling?

There are many different ways that P2P lending is used. We Let us check some of it below:

  • Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding is used by P2PFA members to fund new businesses and projects, e.g. films, albums, etc.
  • Microlending – Microlending is used by the members to help promote their businesses and raise funds for various events. At the same time, these members also receive interest on the amount they lend.
  • Investing – Some of the members invest the money they receive through P2P lending or the interest they earn through microlending.