P2p Strong Growth

P2P or peer-to-peer platforms are sites that allow users to play against each other rather than with a traditional gaming operator. 

The Growth of P2P Gambling

A new type of gambling has arisen from the rise of digital technology and the resulting disruption of the traditional industry. P2P platforms allow players to place their own bets and compete against each other for a stake.

P2P platforms are an important part of the future of online gambling and its growth. They will continue to grow and evolve as new sites and gambling models are developed. 

The History of P2P Gambling

Present day peer-to-peer lending has only been around for a few years. However, people have long used informal networks to borrow money. In the Middle Ages, for example, people would borrow from their friends and family members.

Through the middle of the 20th century, peer-to-peer lending was relatively rare. However, the growth of the internet in the 1990s and 2000s brought significant changes to the market.