Write for Us


Are there any writers out there interested in making good money at a writing internship for a casino-focused blog? If there are, P2PFA is looking for talented writers to join our awesome blog team.

Important Reminders

This is a paid-internship and not full-time employment. We welcome graduates and undergraduates to submit their application. After the internship, we will be choosing three people to join our team as full-time writers.

How to join?

It’s as easy as counting the house edge for slot machines. So, in short, not that easy and not that hard. To submit your application, fill up the Writer Application form on our homepage. There will be a couple of questions you need to answer and fill-up, for example, what particular casino components, topics or issues do you want to write about?

On the landing page, attach 2 to 3 sample works you’ve written and published. Each application will be fully assessed after two business days. If you didn’t get an email from us after two days, then you weren’t able to go through to the next phase.

But if you did get one, congratulations in advance and get ready for one more step.

What to write about?

If you’re wondering what to write about, then we can fully explain it using one word, casino. That’s right, we won’t publish articles that not only excite but engage people into wanting more.

The essence of P2PFA is not to just inform people but educate them and keep them aware of the essential parts of the casino business even if they are operators or customers. We will be assigning each writer topics to write about, but we are also open to hear some of your ideas.

So, don’t shy away if you’ve got any nugget of gold in that head of yours.