In the first week of December, P2PFA together with 10 lucky online community members are going to take on New York and New Jersey for a circuit lecture. That’s right, we will go from one place to another spreading the good news. Not really, but the latest and biggest developments in the casino industry.

We will also be informing and educating interested participants about the casino essentials from the business to the operation. Will teach newbies the difference between casino credit and moneyup-front. Do you know the difference between the two? If not, then it’s all good.

The circuit will last a total of 5 days with the first two days in New York and the remaining days in the Garden State New Jersey.

Lucky Members

P2PFA Members Circuit Lecture Lucky Members - P2PFA Members Circuit Lecture

To be part of this historic event, we are giving our online community members a chance to win a spot at the lecture and take on the stage. That’s right, it’s not just going be us up on that stage but you as well.

We are well aware that most of our P2PFA online community members are well-versed and informed when it comes to the most talked about topics in the casino industry. These people can deliver new perspectives on so many topics and even issues related to the casino industry.

How to join

P2PFA Members Circuit Lecture How to join - P2PFA Members Circuit Lecture

There will only be two steps if you want to get a chance to be chosen for the circuit. First, you need to write a 400-blog article on a particular casino-related topic you want to talk about during the circuit.

It will be entirely up to you. Make sure to pick one with a strong and deep value not only for yourself but for hundreds of participants as well. There will be a big surprise for the lucky members at the end of the tour, by the way, so make sure to stick around for the entire thing.

We will take care of all accommodations, including hotels, transportation, and meals. As much as we want to include all of our members, we don’t have the budget to do so. If all goes well we’ll plan another circuit for all our members in the near future.